Creations by Seay

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You don't have to be perfect to be AMAZING!

My name is Nicole and I’m the owner/designer of Creations by Seay (pronounced C). I could not find the type of gemstone bracelets  in store's that I liked.  You know the one's that truly speak to you. So I took it upon myself in August of 2020 and began creating my own gemstone bracelets and 2 months later Creations by Seay was birthed!

I took a leap of Faith and launched my website in November of 2020.

I believe everyone needs motivation or encouragement that can help through our day, week, month, or year and so I decided the best way for you to get that is by pairing an inspiring quote with a Creation. The quotes are my way of letting you know that you’re thought of. They’re to give you hope, courage and confidence and put you in a space of positive thinking.

My prayer is that when you wear your Creation(s) think of the quote and let it resonate with you. Allowing it to inspire you in some way! 😊

Thank you for supporting Creations by Seay and allowing me to be in service to you!

Proverbs 3:5-6

Thank you so much for your creations!! I love your bracelets!!

Greensboro, NC

Yesssss, they're AMAZING! 

I love them even more in person!

Southfield, MI

Hey! Ok thank you so much. I love all my bracelets and the meaning!

Grand Blanc, MI

I received my bracelet today and I'm so happy! Seay, its so Beautiful!!! Prettier than any jewelry I own. Thoughtfully and perfectly packaged and it only took a few days from ordering to delivery.  I seriously will be ordering more!  

Glen Burnie, MD